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Mobile Application Development

Let our Mobile team gives you the most amazing experience by developing high end scalable and flexible mobile app solutions. Nijomee technologies are regularly delivering optimized mobile applications covering both Andriod & IOS development verticals. We have expertise in serving a whole enterprise solution in your hands with the most efficient and simple approach. Our team of developers has its core competency in solving high edge problems into an easily organized solution for our clients in chandigarh.

Inshort we have providing you a bundle of serivces which includes :-

  • Great Responsive Mobile App User Interface
  • High end scalable and flexible Mobile Apps Solution
  • Deliver the Custom-Made Apps
  • User-Friendly Apps with enrich UI/UX Design
  • Native App and Hybrid App Development
  • Andriod and IOS verticals
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Andriod Application Development

Andriod App Development

Android software development is the process by which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. To designed smart applications for touch screen phones and Tablets, Andriod is the prioritized platform for development. Andriod uses the java language environment with enriching frameworks to develop innovative apps. Nijomee Technologies in chandigarh leads the core Andriod application development with the best team and best approaches. As a leading android development company, we have delivered multiple apps in more than 6 different business verticals.

  • Andriod Studio
  • Java
  • Support for latest andriod verisons

IOS App Development

Touch the most premium sector of users with a Top-class IOS development service company and leverage the advantages of uncompromising dynamic IOS applications. We make the apps on Swift which earlier using obj C. Continous updates for the IOS by Apple Inc make it a powerful robust operating system for your devices. Nijomee is the best IOS development company in chandigarh that adheres to all the set industry standards & comes out with an out of box solution that you can trust.

  • Swift , Xcode
  • Lates IOS version support
  • IPad & IMAC applications

IOS Application Development
Hybrid Mobile Appplication

Hybrid App Development

Application to deliver both Native app & web technologies develop using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova. Hybrid applications are cross platform mobile development approach uses open source Hybrid application development .Applications written for iOS using Swift cannot run on Android, and vice versa. Meaning, you have to develop specifically for each platform, which can lead to a larger budget and team size. A Hybrid approach gives a smartest way get the next big thing quickly to market with a cost-effective, resourceful cross-platform mobile strategy specially for Startups in chandigarh.

  • Angular 6+,React Native,DART
  • Ionic framework React Native,Flutter
  • Android & iOS Platform

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